A&R Manager

Job description

Heroic is a music management agency based in The Netherlands. We provide artist management, record label and publishing services for our mostly electronic artists. Our mission is to Empower Creators.

As A&R Manager you will be responsible for the creative development of our management and publishing clients. Our roster consists of alternative electronic artists who are often a combination of producer, songwriter, vocalist and performing artist. You will work closely with the artists to clarify and execute upon their vision - and to create new opportunities. You'll work under direction of our CEO who oversees the creative direction for our clients. A typical day would include working on collaborations, sessions, finding featuring artists, clearing samples and remixes, brainstorming cover ideas, procuring co-writes, getting songs cut by other artists - think 360 degree A&R. 

We're looking for an LA based creative who is aware of trends, is tuned into the music industry, has a go-getter mentality, a good ear, people skills and knack for creating valuable opportunities. 


  • A&R management: Overseeing the creative development of our artists and writers, contributing to the release strategy, establishing strategic collaborations (co-writes, sessions, featurings, remixes, collaborations, getting songs cut by others), constructively critiquing music.
  • Remix management: managing, procuring and facilitating remix opportunities, both incoming and procured.
  • Trend watching & signing new talent: monitoring playlists, streaming platforms and charts and following industry news to uncover new signings and collaborations.
  • Industry relationship management: creating, maintaining and maximizing relationships with artists, songwriters, publishers, labels and other managers - including data entry in the associated relationship databases.


  • College / University degree. Bachelor as minimum.

  • 1+ year(s) of experience in the (electronic) music industry.

  • Good ear for music. You've been discovering the best new music for years and follow the most influential Spotify playlists.

  • People person. You're outgoing, like networking, taking initiative and are often found at industry events and shows. You have an existing network of industry professionals and artists.

  • Go-getter. You're diligent and do not wait to be told what to do. You don't mind working late or doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

  • Punctual, good with deadlines and representative in spoken and written word.
  • No conflict of interest with Heroic's activities: we ask full commitment from our team members and do not accept artist management, publishing or label activities on the side whilst working with us.
  • Living in Los Angeles, USA.

  • Ability to work 20+ hours/week.

Heroic is a start-up company and there is opportunity for talented and well-performing individuals to transition from a part-time to a full-time role.

Do you have what it takes? Submit your resume and motivational letter explaining why you are the ideal candidate and why you'd fit the Heroic team. Include 5 songs that you believe are indicative of the most important new musical trends and explain us why. We will get back to you if we like your application.