Business Affairs Manager

Job description

Heroic is an artist management agency based in The Hague, The Netherlands.

bitbird is a creative record company spearheaded by San Holo, based in The Hague, The Netherlands. 

As Business Affairs Manager you will be responsible for all legalities of our operation, including the creation of contracts (including master, publishing, license, sync), negotiations with third parties, legal optimization, trademarks, insurances and risk mitigation for both Heroic and our partner label bitbird (with whom we share our office). You'll work closely with the day-to-day and operation managers of Heroic, the label management staff of bitbird and will report to our CEO.


  • Legal strategy: Working closely with our CEO to optimize the legal architecture of our businesses, collaboration with clients and affiliated companies.
  • Licensing strategy: Working closely with CEO to devise the optimal licensing strategy for Heroic, our management clients and bitbird with licensing partners such as distributors, DSPs (Spotify, Apple) and publishers.
  • Legal operations: Creation, review, negotiation, execution and auditing of all contracts. These include master license agreements, publishing (title) agreements, collaboration agreements between artists, license deals to distributors, sync partners, advertising agencies, management agreements and more. Closely collaborating with legal representatives of our key partners as well as our external legal council.
  • Monitoring of agreements: Documentation of all contracts, their terms and durations in our legal software. Monitoring of durations and servicing of renewal or termination notices when due.
  • Trademark strategy: Working with our trademarking partner to ensure our companies and clients are properly trademarked for their activities in the relevant territories.
  • Guarding of rights: Monitoring the rightful use of our rights, serving cease and desist notices, issuing take-downs and applying further legal action if so required.



  • Bachelor of Law, or higher: We are looking for someone who understands law, however do not require you to be a practicing lawyer necessarily. Industry experience and familiarity with music contracts are key.
  • Familiar with music intellectual property law: Understanding of copyrights, master rights, neighbouring rights, public performance, mechanical and performance rights, publishing, synchronization rights.
  • Familiar with company law: Understanding of international company structures, partnership agreements, licensing agreements, workings of value added tax and obligations of private and limited companies.
  • Experience in the music industry (bonus): This job can be taught, however experience in the industry is a large perk - particularly when it entails having practiced law in the industry.
  • Willing to try, not afraid to fail: You need a willingness to learn and master unfamiliar skills. We operate in a unique, non-traditional way and require you to adapt to our operations. We are after learning and embrace that failure is a part of that process.
  • Seeking constant self-improvement: We strive to be an organization where the best ideas succeed. We communicate and operate transparently. We strive for continuous evolution and do not shy from giving honest feedback for the greater good of the organization. You must be open to receiving and giving feedback for the greater good of the company. 
  • Work hard, play hard mentality: Our primary responsibility is taking care of our artists. The music industry is chaotic and quickly changing, often requiring spurts of work at inconvenient moments. You must be willing to get the job done.
  • Ability to work 40 hours/week: Our office hours are 10:00 - 18:00 CET, however as many of our team members are international, you may have to work at odd hours regularly.
  • Ability to come into our office in The Hague


We are open to applications from lawyers, holders of master and bachelor degrees in Laws or people who otherwise have gained experience with music law. We believe this is a job that can be taught, assuming the candidate has a sufficient foundation and willingness to learn and work.


Do you have what it takes? Submit your resume and a motivational letter explaining your history with law, the music industry and why you think you're a good fit for this role and our team. You’ll hear from us if we’re interested in your application.